EnlightenMe Frequency Generator!

Introducing: EnlightenMe…

Heal, Meditate and Manifest

Do You Want To Clear A Lifetime Of Fears, Regrets, Self Sabotage, and Hundreds of Limiting Subconscious Beliefs Holding You Back?

Introducing The EnlightenMe Machine…

A Window Into Your Soul…

“100 of Your Biggest Financial Blockages REMOVED!"

EnlightenMe Masterclass Recording With Daniel

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ALL Your Personal Development
Needs In One 'Box'

Daniel before holding the EnlightenMe Frequency Generator
Daniel after holding the EnlightenMe Frequency Generator for
 only 45 seconds


1) Go Deeper, Faster With Meditations
2) Access Higher States Of Consciousness In Minutes
3) Boost Your Intuitive and Clairvoyant Abilities
4) Easily Raise Your Vibrational Frequency
5) Clear Subconscious Beliefs and Programs In No Time!
6) Manifest More Of What You Want!

Do You Want To Clear A Lifetime Of Fears, Regrets, Self Sabotage, and Hundreds of Limiting Subconscious Beliefs Holding You Back?

Introducing The EnlightenMe Machine…

“A Window Into Your Soul…”

Get The Fast-Track To Clear The Past,
Meditate and Manifest

Would You Like To…

Would You Like To…

REMOVE Deep-Seated Subconscious Blockages to Success in No-Time...

CLEAR  A Lifetime of Self-Doubt, Fear, Past Failure, Rejection and Trauma...

MEDITATE Deeper & Easier For Answers, Clarity and Wisdom...

MANIFEST Faster by Elevating Your Vibrational Frequency in Leaps and Bounds.

REMOVE deep-seated subconscious blockages to success in no-time...

CLEAR a lifetime of self-doubt, fears, past failures, rejections and trauma...

MEDITATE deeper & easier for answers, clarity and wisdom...

MANIFEST faster by elevating your vibrational frequency by leaps and bounds

Try Before You Buy - Schedule a 1on1 EnlightenMe Demo Via Zoom - Includes  A Free Healing!

Are You Frustrated About…

  • How you keep sabotaging your own success?
  • How your fears, doubts and insecurities are holding you back?
  • How your subconscious limiting beliefs are ruining your finances, relationships, health and wellbeing?
ARE YOU frustrated by how long it takes to do the inner work required to remove ALL of your Past Programming?

Do You Wish You Could…

Featured Image Headline

Clear 100's of Subconscious Limiting Beliefs in MINUTES!

Featured Image Headline

​Effortlessly get to the DEEPEST, most damaging, hardest to reach beliefs keeping you stuck?

Featured Image Headline

​Remove your biggest fears, regrets, insecurities, doubts, traumas and financial blockages ON YOUR OWN, without spending $1,000's on therapy?

Featured Image Headline

​Easily access a heightened INTUITIVE and MINDFUL space,  feeling energetically supported and boosted throughout the day?
"Life is trying to give to us - in every moment - but our past programming, limiting beliefs, self-worth issues, fears and lack of trust keep getting in the way of our receiving. Healing the past is no longer optional. It's time to go Beyond Our Limitations"
- Daniel Rechnitzer

Here's The Problem We Are ALL Facing

We Have Accumulated THOUSANDS of Subconscious Blockages
Including: a lifetime of stress, fear, failure, rejection, disappointment, beliefs and regrets... 
ALL OF WHICH ARE causing havoc to our LIMITLESS Potential AND....


Limiting what you can and cannot experience in life


Robbing you of success, fulfilment and abundance


Ageing your body prematurely, leading to painful and life-threatening illnesses


Manifesting what you don’t want in your life, instead of what you DO want

“So What’s The Solution… The FREQUENCY"

Having spent over 20 years Healing & Manifesting, I wanted a better and faster way. I was frustrated by how much Trauma and Subconscious Limiting Beliefs were holding me back, frustrated by being stuck in so many of the same recurring patterns - over and over again. I wanted a solution. 

I began putting it out to the Universe, asking for a solution - not just for me, but for everyone! And in 2020, over a series of my deepest meditations, the answer began coming through. I saw images and visions of blueprints and sacred materials. I was taught about about a very unique sublime frequency as the path to healing Mind and Body. 

I was shown how to harness and focus this frequency in a simple and beautiful way: “EnlightenMe”

A Breakthrough Of A Lifetime

Introducing the EnlightenMe, it's the BREAKTHROUGH you’ve been asking for, to help Clear The Past, Meditate and Manifest... faster and easier than ever before.

It's all-natural and self-powering! It doesn’t need batteries or electricity, as it connects to the Universe for its energy and will never run out.

It generates a very unique and powerful frequency that holds us in a heightened, connected and ego-free space, making it much easier to see and clear the contents of your Subconscious Mind. And that’s just the beginning...

It's simple, natural and powerful.

Each One Is Hand-Made By Daniel

100% Eco Materials

No Electricity Required

Each One Is Hand Made By Daniel

100% Eco Materials

No Electricity Required


"Future Medicine will be the Medicine of FREQUENCIES."
- Albert Einstein

What Can You Expect When Using 'EnlightenMe'

Right from the get go the EnlightenMe is raising your vibrational frequency! At first, it may feel subtle but the more time you spend with it, the more you become aware of its high vibrational frequency. It brings a CALM into your home, heightening the mood all around it. It offers a DEEP CLARITY, helping you access higher levels of awareness, so it soon becomes effortless to achieve profound MEDITATIVE STATES.

As you read the accompanying book: 'Losing Your Mind…It’s The Only Sane Thing To Do', you kick your journey into gear! Your limiting beliefs begin to clear easily and quickly.

It doesn’t take long for you to CLEAR BELIEFS IN SECONDS! In fact, this will become second-nature to you.

The more limiting beliefs you clear, the more LAYERS OF YOUR IDENTITY you remove, the more ELEVATED, connected and lighter you feel. This is called raising your vibrational frequency.

SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE: A better life, heightened intuition, greater mental stillness, deeper meditations, FASTER MANIFESTING and a deeper connection to your TRUE SELF!
Then, with the help of the 48-week training provided, you'll be joining Daniel in his
EnlightenMe classes, smashing through years of your past programming in no time!


It's No Wonder Our Clients Are RAVING About
The Transformational Results In Their Lives!
"I have - it is amazing. Every time I’m holding it I have to ground or I feel I will float away. It feels like holding pure love energy vibrating so intensely. I want to thank Daniel and you for all of it. For creating this beautiful path with all that IWI is…and for this labor of love…EM. That’s what I call her. Hugs hugs hugs"
- Vicki Bivins Baker
"What I love about the Enlighten Me machine is that it makes meditation and clearing beliefs so much easier and quicker too! Before using the EM machine, it would take a while to connect and my mind would try to distract me. After the 2nd week, I'm able to hold a state of peace, calm, and joy for longer periods. It's been a beautiful experience and I really have noticed a positive difference in my day to day life while using it. Thank you and Daniel so very much!"
- Vasi Huntalas
"My friend (the EM) finally arrived! 🤩 When I went and picked it up at the postal agent I could immediatly feel the energy as soon as she brought out my the package and I couldn't help but get a smile on my face 😁. It is also super happy to finally have arrived to it's owner, we're bonding already 💕 When I sit with it in my hands I naturally get elevated, grounded and heals whatever I put my attention on 🙌 So excited for what this relationship will bring 🌈 Please say thank you to Daniel for me!"
- Jonny Falk
"Ahhmazing I’ve been using it on my calls during my sessions….total game changer! So much self love has integrated and my connection is so much stronger! I can really feel my True Self is with me every where I go now!"
- Sophie Jones
"It is amazing, I love love love it. It's super powerful even if it is yet to go through all its uses and modalities. Looking forward to how to use it to clear the attachments to money, success, family, being an 'I'.
- Raul Hail
"I sincerely want to thankyou from my heart for everything you've been through to bring the EnlightenMe Machine here... I am so so so grateful, the world will never be the same, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!"
- Emma Wachs
"I received my EnlightenMe today. As I’m bonding with it on the beautiful blanket, I’m experiencing a cool and slight tingling sensation come over me. I’m loving this so much!!

After bonding with it as suggested in the booklet, meditating and then keeping it near me… I feel a huge wipe out.

Exciting to watch it work without us trying. Universal flow, just allowing…"
- Nicole Queen
"Hi Daniel, just wanted to let you know that I finished my first read through of Losing Your Mind last week, it is wonderful! Some of those limitations and realisation were so hard to read, I had to go word by word and re-read paragraphs several times. It has shifted how I am relating to myself as spirit and mind and the separation of the two is at a whole new level!"
- Falcon Rising
"I received the EM this past week. I spend a lot of time with it! I’ve done several of the lists. Today I went back to the mental health list, as that was like reading my mind. I’m still getting used to EM and it’s potential. I guess that’s the same as getting to know our True Self."
- Julie Gasior
- Abena Apau
"Light, pure light, unconditional love Source of the Universe, All Knowing unconditional love healing. In my perspective, it’s the most beautiful powerful healing tool on the planet as of now. It gives Truth in every form. Truth in every way. Dissolves any negative or Non-Truth energy in nanoseconds. It’s like having all of the unconditional love that’s on this planet at your advantage in the machine whenever you need it to work on your behalf. An excellent tool for energy healers… hospitals. or anything that needs healing..I thank the Universe and I thank Daniel for gifting us with this beautiful gift. It definitely makes things easier beautiful and ahhhmazing… I definitely recommend that every person on this planet should have one! The EnlightenMe is raising my vibration to the Next Level!"
"We suffer and struggle in life because many of our past thoughts and beliefs, these low vibrational frequencies have become trapped inside of us – it takes a higher frequency to bring these lower frequencies into our awareness to help us finally let them go. This is the role of the EnlightenMe Machine"
- Daniel Rechnitzer

Meditate and Manifest Like Never Before

  • So If You Want Bigger, Better Breakthroughs, More Often…
  • If You Want To Smash Through Your Past Programming
  • If You Want To Go Beyond Your Limits To Clear The Past, Meditate And Manifest Like Never Before
  • If you want to do this without spending $1,000's On Coaching and Therapy
...Then Get On Board With The
'EnlightenMe Life Breakthrough Package'


Here's exactly what you're going to get with the ‘EnlightenMe Life-Breakthrough Package’

The EnlightenMe ($2,500 Value)

The ‘EnlightenMe’ is a beautifully crafted ‘Window Into Your Soul’. It allows you to look inside yourself to clear past trauma and programming. It draws out the deep-down subconscious blockages that are sabotaging your success, happiness and well-being.

It makes all of your spiritual practices including Clearing The Past, Meditating and Manifesting absolutely effortless!

“Losing Your Mind” e-Book (Priceless)

This is Daniel’s latest book, or better said, a Masters Degree to Enlightenment. It’s truly Mind Blowing!

Written specifically to go hand-in-hand with the EnlightenMe, it helps you clear over 280 of your biggest and most damaging subconscious limiting beliefs, doing all the work for you! The profound truths in this book will lead you to a massive awakening, blasting away parts of your identity that have been holding you back your whole life.

Read it with the EnlightenMe to experience deep shifts and profound breakthroughs in all areas of life.

48 Weeks of Training and Q&A’s ($4,800 Value)

Join Daniel and his team for 1 hour a week, for 48 weeks to receive training, support and Q&A sessions, to completely revolutionize your life. Each week you’ll be healing different areas of life with your EnlightenMe, being taken by the hand to create massive breakthroughs.

During this journey you'll go deeper than ever before. Daniel will take you beyond the mind to realize amazing truths and clear subconscious programming, painful memories, regrets, financial blockages and much more!

YES I'm Ready To Order An EnlightenMe Machine

The gratitude just keeps pouring in...

Emma Wachs

Sophie Jones

Act Now And Get These Incredible Bonuses...

BONUS #1: 101 ‘Thoughts That Kill’ Hit List ($500 Value)

Over 25 years helping people with illness, Daniel has found that many serious illnesses - are exacerbated the same cluster of limiting beliefs.

What’s worse is that they are very well hidden and therefore difficult to clear. To help speed up your recovery, Daniel has put together a life-saving list of deeply hidden thoughts and limiting beliefs that destroy your health and well-being. 

Using this list, you can get to work, clearing them as soon as your EnlightenMe arrives. Add vitality back to your life, thanks to this amazing gift by Daniel!

BONUS #2: 101 Financial Breakthrough Hit List ($500 Value)

Did you know that people with financial blockages all experience the same hesitations when an opportunity for a breakthrough presents itself? So, if you’re worried about investing in The EnlightenMe Machine, fear not. 

This is one of those rare purchases that if used, will pay for itself over and over again. Included as a BONUS is this list of 101 of our worst, most debilitating, sabotaging, and undermining financial beliefs - ready for you to clear. The EnlightenMe will make short work out of this list, helping to open you to far greater financial flow. You’re covered!

BONUS #3: 101 Success Blockages Hit List ($500 Value)

Many of us crave success in our lives, but you’d be surprised just how many blockages we have standing in our way. We fear success and what it will bring into our lives. We worry whether we are good enough, smart enough, and deserving enough. We worry that we'll will lose our friends, be all alone at the top, make terrible decision, or destroy our family. Countless beliefs, fears and hesitations are getting in our way every day. Of course, none of these blockages are REAL, but they cause havoc in our lives nonetheless. So, what's the solution? 

Included as a BONUS is this list of 101 of our BIGGEST BLOCKAGES to SUCCESS, ready for you to clear using the EnlightenMe. Thanks to this list you can easily remove the worst, most well hidden, nasty limiting beliefs tripping you up on your path to ABUNDANCE!

YES I'm Ready To Order An EnlightenMe Machine


The EnlightenMe, combined with Daniel's new book, is like no other personal development offering on Earth.
Daniel says: "Thanks to this package, I can now achieve far greater breakthroughs than ever before. I can get to the root-cause of my problems, effortlessly.

What used to take me years, now takes me minutes - and without all the meltdowns along the way. I now have a far deeper and more robust connection with the Universe, without all the ego-attacks trying to take me off-course.

I feel energetically supported, boosted and protected throughout my day, something I've desperately wanted since the beginning of my enlightenment journey.

BUT, this is MY experience. I will make no guarantees that it will be yours too.
Judging from customer feedback so far... you will be delighted! And The EnlightenMe will be a profound tool you'll get to use for years to come. 

What you might not know is clearing limiting subconscious beliefs with the EnlightenMe is just the beginning. Once you have done that work,  you'll be absolutely AMAZED at what you can achieve with it! 

I started this project to share something EXTRAORDINARY to those who are ready. It's time to be ready!

Try Before You Buy

“100 of Your Biggest Financial Blockages REMOVED!"

EnlightenMe Masterclass Recording With Daniel

YES Send Me For FREE! 

Why us?

Maintaining good health is hard, and preserving good health is harder. If you want to be a successful steward of your health and develop a path for a life well lived for you and your family, consider joining us.


Here’s Everything You Get 

  • The EnlightenMe by Daniel ($2,500 Value)
  • Losing Your Mind e-Book ($Priceless)
  • 48 Week Group Healing with Daniel ($4,800 Value)
  • BONUS #1: 101 Thoughts That Kill Hit List ($500 Value)
  • BONUS #2: 101 Financial Breakthrough Hit List ($500 Value)
  • BONUS #3: 101 Success Blockages Hit List ($500 Value)
How Much Is It?
$899 On Its Own or $1,250 for The Package

Your Success Guaranteed
Or Your Money Back

The EnlightenMe Machine is so powerful and effective that we stand behind it 100%. We promise to give you the training and support you need to get the MAXIUMUM value. If after receiving our one-on-one help,  and working through your manual, that you are unhappy with your EnlightenMe Machine, we will offer you
our refund option. Risk Free Purchase!

About Daniel Rechnitzer

Daniel Rechnitzer is an Author, Speaker, Healer and Inventor. He has written two Amazon Best Sellers – “The All Knowing Diary” and “MIND LIES And The Truths That will Set You Free”. He has appeared on several documentaries, including “Beyond The Secret – The Awakening” and “Beyond Limitations”. His latest book “Losing Your Mind - It’s The Only Sane Thing To Do” was launched in 2023.

If you ask Daniel what he does for a career, he’ll tell you: “I talk to the Universe for a living”. This ability to go beyond the Mind is what Daniel is known for. He has been accessing insights and wisdom from the Universe since 2004 and has helped change and heal lives all around the world. The insights received by Daniel from the Universe form the basis of all training at IntuitionWisdom.com and all of Daniels books and videos.

Since 2012 and more recently in 2020 Daniel began receiving insights in his meditations to create a device to help us all heal the past. He calls it the 'EnlightenMe'. It’s a tremendous breakthrough for the world and for Daniel personally. Many of us have been asking for extra support from the Universe to end our struggle, heal our pain and fast-track our success. The 'EnlightenMe' is a response to this prayer.
EVERYDAY We Are Discovering New Applications of The EnlightenMe Frequency! 

Here is just a snapshot of what has become possible:

"Thanks to the EnlightenMe I can now achieve in a hour, what would normally take a year! I can clear clusters of my deepest - most impossible to reach - subconscious blockages, in just seconds!

I'm able to smash through LIMITATIONS that were impossible for me to see, let alone remove. And as a practitioner helping others, the EnlightenMe helps me obliterate blockages for other people faster than ever before.

It’s an absolute god-send for individuals, coaches and practitioners. I am very grateful to have received this gift from the Universe and am so excited to share it with the world"
- Daniel Rechnitzer

Ready for bigger breakthroughs and The fast-track
To your personal growth and well-being?

EnlightenMe by Daniel Rechnitzer

A Window Into Your Soul.

CLEAR Your Subconscious Limiting Beliefs
MEDITATE More Deeply and Easily
MANIFEST More of What You Want Sooner

Discover the fast-track to Enlightenment! Access Higher-States of Consciousness for clarity and wisdom. Reprogram your Subconscious Mind to end self-sabotage. Get your High Vibrational Frequency -  EnlightenMe Machine by Daniel Rechnitzer TODAY!


Have 100 of your biggest and deepest FINANCIAL BLOCKAGES CLEARED by Daniel and his EnlightenMe... Recorded LIVE!
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